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Our Farm Store is located at the farm in South Pelham, in the heart of the Niagara Region, as well as our road side Farm Stand.

Store Hours: Saturday 10am - 4pm

Farm Stand: closed for the season

Our Products

From our Farm to your Table

Our products are available at our farm store here on the farm.

Saturday 10am-4pm and Wednesdays 4-7pm.

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Organic Lamb and Goat

Our organically fed lamb and goat is said to be the "best ever tasted" by our customers. Mild in flavour and ethically raised, local, certified organic meat has never tasted better.

You can purchase our lamb and goat cut and ready to cook right from the freezer in our farm store, or you can order a half or whole lamb or goat at the store (deposit required). For information regarding half or whole orders call Rosemarie. Please be patient as we are very busy during the summer months. We will return your call as soon as possible.

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Organic Produce

Every year our large organic garden brings forth an abundance of greens, legumes, colorful vegetables, plump berries and more. Organic growing methods guarantee the most delicious, pesticide and herbicide free local produce around.

You can find our produce at our farm store during business hours. Or give our CSA program a try. Sign up for each 16 week season is in the Spring.


We work hard to preserve summer's rich flavours for you in our savoury and sweet preserves, everything from delicious jams to rich beet salad and everything in between! Our preserves include: zucchini, string beans, tomato sauce, sun-dried tomatoes, tomatillo jellies, garlic scapes, pears and more.

Our flavourful preserves are lower in sugar than convention jams, pickles and jellies, some are available sugar free. All are made with as many organic ingredients as possible such as organic sugar, organic apple cider vinegar and natural sea salt.

Honey & Beeswax

Our honey bees work overtime to produce the most delicious local honey, foraged flower bud by flower bud on and around our organic farm. We use the wax from the honey comb in our goat milk soaps, beeswax candles and wax nuggets for crafts etc.

Our honey is available in a variety of sizes and liquid or creamed (depending on the season) at our farm store.

Goat Milk Products

While we do not sell raw milk products as per health Canada, we do produce some wonderful products so you can enjoy the goodness of goat milk.

Luxury Goat Milk Soap. Some of our customers have told us it has done wonders for their skin, clearing acne, eczema, rashes and cradle cap. We have a number of varieties in our farm store to choose from. These make a wonderful gift.

Bath and Body:

In addition to our Goat Milk Soap, we also offer natural bath bombs & salts, bug spray, special essential oil blends in roller bottles, lip balms & more....even a Paw Balm for your pooch!

Organic Free Range Eggs

Please Note: Egg supply varies throughout the year. Eggs at the farm store are first come first serve, except for eggs reserved by current customers with standing orders. Thank you for understanding. Please subscribe to our newsletter for up-to-date information. 

Our chickens roam the farm freely, foraging to their hearts desire, living naturally with a rooster to guard them and soft straw lined nests where they can lay their eggs.

Taste the difference of organic free range eggs. Our eggs are in high demand, please call ahead to reserve a dozen at least 24 hours before our store opens. Eggs are not available at the Welland Farmer's Market. When available we will have some in the fridge at the farm stand.

Young Living Essential Oils

Young Living oils and products are now available at our Farm Store, including the starter collection, personal care & home products and an assortment of essential oils in stock.

For chemical free living, essential oils can replace many OTC medication. Approved by health Canada as Natural Health Products, take the fragrant route to good health.

Meet Rita at the farm store on Saturdays for your Essential Oil needs.

Eucalan Delicate Wash

Perfect for washing your soft and cozy washable lambskins from our farm store.

This no-rinse detergent has lanolin, which softens and protects your wool and cashmere garments and smells great doing it. Available in 5 wonderful scents, including unscented, Eucalan can be used to wash anything from lingerie to make-up brushes and even your dog!


We offer a variety of organic teas from a local supplier, blended in-house.

From a cozy cup in the Fall with custom blends like the ever popular "Autumn Apple" tea to the ginger and fruity flavours of our "Harvest Sunset" which owes it's name to its colour due to the hibiscus flowers it contains, we have something for every palate and season.

Honey Candles

100% beeswax candles

These high quality candles are fragrant, beautiful and guaranteed to burn. They come in a wide variety of shapes and colours, as well as fragrances. Come check them out at the farm store!

Organic Dry Goods

Certified organic dry products such as spelt flour, spelt berries (grains), sugar, lentils, quinoa, gluten free flour, wheat flour, chick pea flour, oats, corn starch and more.

The dry products we stock are purchased from an organic whole seller which buys some of our crops. This allows us to not only offer you a superior product, but competitive prices! These products are packaged in smaller sealed packs or as is in bulk bags based on general demand and preference. Custom orders are available with deposit.

We generally

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