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Frequently Asked Questions:

Where are you located: We are located in Pelham, however our mailing address is Welland.

Please search for "Meier Family Organic Farm" on Google in order to find us on a map.

Are your egg laying chickens free range/run/roam? Yes, our chickens are able to roam freely around the farm to forage for grass and critters. They are also fed organic feed in the chicken coop to which they return on their own in the evening.

Do your chickens/sheep/goats have access to the outdoors year round? Yes, our animals have outdoor access weather permitting. The chickens go out as soon as snow is melted. Sheep and goats go out to pasture once the grass grows and the soil has dried up a bit.

Are you eggs from your Chickens? Is the lamb and goat meat you sell from your farm? Yes, all of our eggs, lamb and goat is from our animals, raised organically here on the farm without hormones and their feed is pesticide and chemical free.

Why don't you have creamed/liquid honey? Honey naturally crystallizes during colder months while in storage. Due to this we have liquid honey during the summer and creamed honey in the winter. If you have honey that's begun crystallizing you can gently warm it to liquefy it, however we don't want to damage any of the honey's wonderful properties, which are preserved when creaming honey.

Do you have fresh meat? Yes, we periodically get fresh lamb and goat. Please subscribe to our newsletter to stay informed. After the store closes on Saturday we put the fresh, vacuum packed cuts into the freezer to preserve it so you can get a great cut of lamb or goat any time.

What payment methods do you accept at the farm store? We take cash, credit cards and interact tap.

Can I order a whole/half goat or lamb? Can I buy a live goat or lamb? Can I buy a small lamb/goat? Yes, you can order a half or whole goat or lamb cut to your specifications. Please visit the farm store to fill out an order form. A deposit is required. You can buy a live lamb, however the price will be the same as for a lamb that we bring to the butcher, minus their fee. You can buy a small lamb or goat, however the price will be higher per pound, otherwise it is not profitable for us. All decisions by farmer Rose are final and at her full discretion.

Do you offer farm tours? No, we do not offer farm tours at this time for several reasons. 1. We don't have the time and manpower to get and keep all areas of the farm visitor - ready. 2. Which ties into the first, as a working farm, there are areas that are not safe for visitors. Therefore for liability reasons and to prevent accidents visitor are not permitted in the barn or barnyard (beyond the oval driveway), unless invited. 3. Time. We are a small family operation that relies on volunteers to get the enormous amount of work a farm like ours takes done. Thank you for understanding. We do have a petting zoo area which you are welcome to visit during store hours on Saturdays, weather permitting.

Can I volunteer at your farm? Yes. We welcome local and international volunteers to help out on our farm. We have made many wonderful friendships with our volunteers over the years. Volunteers should be interested in farming, vegetable gardening, life stock rearing, helping others, have common sense and be able to work independently with some instruction as well as in a team. And a good sense of humour is a must.

Local: Having local volunteers has many benefits for us. Because you live close, you can come frequently, meaning the skills we teach you get used often and we don't have to train someone new every time. It's great to establish a long term relationship with someone who is local and to see them coming back time after time.

International/ Wwoof: For many years we have welcomed volunteers through the Wwoof program, and also some who have come to us through other avenues. Many have been German, and quite a few from all over the world. While our English is still a work in progress as German is our first language, we welcome anyone who speaks either language well enough, is willing to work and learn and is interested in farming.

We hope you were able to find the answer you were looking for,

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